If you wish to volunteer, please contact Paul at paul@justbelieveinc.org or Amanda at amanda@justbelieveinc.org.

There are many ways to help during the Code Blue winter months.

  • You can join our Square Meal Team
    • You will prepare and provide meals to our guests at the Code Blue warming center

          You can join our Clothing Team

  • You will provide clothing to our guests on Code Blue nights
  • You will be asked to pick up and sort clothes
  • You will be asked to distribute clothing on site

You can join our Intake Team

  • The intake team will enter data into HMIS (volunteers that will be assigned this task will be trained in HMIS)
  • You will work one on one with our guests.

You can join our Security Team

  • The security team checks the bags brought into the Code Blue facility
  • You will monitor the common area and sleeping quarters in the evening and overnight

You can join our Outreach Team

  • You will provide meals and other essential services to people in urban communities throughout New Jersey and Philadelphia in conjunction with multiple faith-based organizations.