Restoring Hope in Humanity - One Person at a Time

Learn more about our homeless charity in Toms River, NJ

People can become homeless for many reasons. But in our experience, substance abuse and other mental health issues are the primary contributing factors. That's why we formed Just Believe Inc. on Aug. 12, 2019 - to provide comprehensive homeless assistance to Toms River, NJ residents and surrounding areas.

Our homeless charity addresses our homeless neighbors' mental, emotional, and spiritual needs, not just their physical needs. We focus on...

  • Delivering meals to people who would otherwise go hungry
  • Finding permanent housing solutions for people who are living on the streets, in their cars, with loved ones or in other temporary or unsafe conditions
  • Coming up with plans to help individuals overcome addiction and other mental health challenges, and ultimately reintegrate into society

You can help us meet the needs of our homeless neighbors by donating gently used clothing, small appliances, d├ęcor and various household items to our second-hand store. We also accept monetary donations via PayPal.

Our mission

We are a 501 C3 Nonprofit organization

Our mission is to help the homeless and disenfranchised progress from homelessness to contributing members of society through affordable housing, outreach, advocacy, and warming centers.

We will also work with the communities of non-profit and for-profit organizations to better help people lead self-sustaining lives.

Every year between November 1 and March 31, our homeless charity in Toms River, NJ provides temporary housing for up to 30 people as part of our Code Blue Program. Although we don't have showers on-site, we partner with the YMCA to ensure our guests can freshen up.

We're raising money to build a larger homeless shelter in Ocean County. Eager to support our efforts to provide homeless assistance every winter? Visit the Get Involved page now.