Paul J Hulse Just Believe IncPRESIDENT/CEO – Just Believe Inc was created to continue Paul Hulse’s vision regarding assisting the poor and disenfranchised in Ocean County New Jersey.

In 2011 Paul Hulse established Beat the Street Inc. in Ormond Beach, Florida to address issues which the homeless encounter that prevent them from finding housing. Later in 2011, Paul brought Beat the Street Inc. to New Jersey where he continued to feed the marginalized and partnered with Toms River Community Church to help the homeless.

During this time Paul was assisting the homeless on the weekends while he worked as a plumber during week. On December 6, 2012, Paul was in a major automobile accident that changed everything. Paul was injured and could not return to work for 7 months. During that time, on March 21, 2013, his brother-in-law died from a heroin overdose. Paul returned to work in June 2013, but he struggled physically and remained on light duty. As a result, in October 2013 he was terminated from his job. Only five days later his sister died. Paul was broken from the loss of people who occupied a special place in his heart, so he turned to Grief Share to work through his grief and there he met Valarie And Jeff Beckett from First Assembly of God church.

It was in Grief Share with Valarie and Jeff that Paul’s vision of how Beat the Streets Inc. could assist the homeless and disenfranchised was reborn. In this regard, during 2013-2014, in conjunction with Solutions to End Poverty Soon (Steps) and Haven, Beat the Street moved sixty-eight (68) people that had vouchers for twelve (12) months of free housing out of the woods and into their apartments while also providing furniture and toiletries etc. Beat the Street, Haven and Steps also assisted twenty-seven individuals that did not have vouchers move out of the woods. In addition, in six months during 2014-2015, in the Township of Toms River, New Jersey, Beat the Street, Haven and Steps moved fourteen (14) people out of the woods into a hotel in Lakewood, New Jersey. While assisting these at-risk individuals Paul met Bill Southrey and, as a result, they formed a new organization – Haven/Beat the Street Inc.

In 2016-2017 Haven/Beat the Street Inc. established successful warming centers at Alive Again church and First Assembly of God church in that they acted as a shelter during the daytime. At the warming center at-risk individuals were also provided food and access to phones, computers and service providers. In 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 I established two very successful Code Blue warming centers. In 2019, Paul formed Just Believe Inc. to focus more on the poor and impoverished of Ocean County.

Paul, his staff and volunteers spearheaded and will remain a primary resource for Ocean County’s Code Blue Emergency Shelter Initiative (Code Blue). In fact, our work has directly inspired the Township of Toms River to change the Code Blue parameters so that the trigger temperature for when emergency shelter can be provided is now thirty-five (35) degrees rather than thirty-two (32) degrees or below with precipitation or twenty-five (25) degrees or below without precipitation. The State of New Jersey was also inspired by our work in that changing the trigger temperature to thirty-two (32) degrees regardless of precipitation has passed in the New Jersey State Senate and it has now been sent to the New Jersey State Assembly.

Moreover, we were able to enter into an agreement with the Township of Toms River to secure a facility for Code Blue that is more than sufficient in assisting at-risk individuals during Code Blue. In this regard, during the last season of Code Blue the warming center we managed provided emergency shelter in one thousand, seven hundred and thirty (1,730) instances for one hundred and seventy (170) at-risk individuals which was more than twice the six hundred and forty-four (644) bed nights (the number of instances a person is provided shelter) we had during 2017/2018 season. In addition, one hundred and forty (140) volunteers, including the Boys Scouts and Girl Scouts, agreed to assist in providing the necessary services to at-risk individuals who came to the warming center which was again more than twice as many as the fifty-seven (57) volunteers we had during the 2017/2018 season.

Furthermore, pursuant to the Code Blue Emergency Shelter Initiative in 2017/2018 we assisted a total of thirteen (13) at-risk individuals enter rehab/detox, ten (10) individuals find permanent housing, ten (10) individuals find full time employment and nine (9) find assistance through the Ocean County Board of Social Services and the accompanying community of nonprofit agencies.

In 2018/2019, we were more successful in that we assisted twenty-three (23) people enter rehab/detox, nineteen (19) individuals find permanent housing, five (5) people relocate out of New Jersey to reunite with family, six (6) people reunite with their family in New Jersey and forty (40) people find assistance through the Board of Social Services and the accompanying community of non-profit agencies. In addition, Ocean Mental Health and the P.A.T.H program., Hope Sheds Light and the Community Affairs Resource Center (CARC) will engage individuals at the warming center.

Just Believe Inc. and Paul continue to have the support of Toms River Township and Ocean County so with our new focus on Ocean County and your support we are hoping to be even more successful in the upcoming 2019/2020 Code Blue season.

Kim PopekKIM POPEK – Vice Chairwomen, Term 2019-2021

Kim is a humanitarian and accomplished entrepreneur working as a Speaker, Recovery Coach Specialist, Holistic Plant Based Specialist, doTERRA Wellness Advocate, Liaison and Client Coordinator, a Licensed Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) specializing in Life, Health and Business Coaching working with many companies, local, county and state administrators, first responders as well as many people throughout the medical field and judicial system. She is a Team Leader of The Serenity Group at Re/Max Real Estate LTD.

Kim’s passion is serving others from hopelessness to hope, homelessness to a home, active addiction to successful recovery, sharing how people can support themselves better, linking arms and lifting people up into their better self. Volunteering has been a large part of what Kim has done and continues to do.

Never lose Hope, Just Believe Isaiah Corinthians

Board Member Term 2019-2021

Mary Gibbons Jacobus, Trustee, Just Believe Inc.   I was born and raised in Ocean Grove, a true Jersey Girl.   I was fortunate to be a stay-at-home mon during the sixties and seventies.  Many hours and years (20) were spent volunteering in Girl Scouting in the Shark River Hills neighborhood of  Neptune. I held the positions of leader, neighborhood chairman, and outdoor trainer. We were responsible for the programing of 15 troops, and over 300 girls.  

    While raising my two children, I also completed my course work at Georgian Court College in Lakewood.   Upon graduating, I began a 23 year career as a special education teacher at Marlboro High school. Several summers during those years were spent working at Camp Kateri in Wickatunk.  The camp was run on the campus of Collier School, by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd. It was an environmental camp for children from disadvantaged families.

     I retired early to help care for my father.  During that time, I increased my work with a group called Harvey’s Helpers in Ocean Grove.  We provided holiday meals and other services for a large population of folks mostly living in rooming houses.  This program morphed into the Shepherd’s Table at the First United Methodist Church in Bradley Beach. We prepared and served free hot meals every Wednesday, as well as holidays; for up to 150 people.  During the time following Hurricane Sandy; the church was an epicenter for disaster relief. We served meals continuously for up to 2 weeks, to rescue workers, neighbors, and anyone needing a meal, and comfort.  The Wednesday program continued until the church unfortunately was closed.

     I have been an active member of the Whiting Methodist Church  since moving to Manchester. I am currently serving as the chairman of the Missions Committee.  I travel several times a year to Frakes ,Kentucky to bring supplies, and do work at the Henderson Settlement, a mission program in the heart of Appalachia. In 2017, I saw a heart tugging post on facebook by Pastor Paul Gifford talking about the code blue program.  I called and went to visit, and immediately knew this is what I had to be a part of. I have been helping since then. I have also gotten our Mission team involved. Last year, we took care of doing the laundry all season,; and prepared and served many meals . We have also collected needed items of clothing.  It has been a great blessing to meet so many wonderful folks; both helpers and guests. I am thankful that God has led me to this group.

Pat Donaghue - Board MemberPatricia Donaghue – Board Member Term 2019-2021

Following the largest natural disaster in the history of New Jersey, Superstorm Sandy, I was tasked
by the Township of Toms River and Ocean County to oversee the distribution of all donated goods
and coordinated services, from mental health to rebuilding, that came into the area. In the first 12
months following we received in excess of 3.2 million pounds of clothing, food and household
essentials that were disbursed to those effected and registered 95,427 volunteer hours. I oversaw
the grant program that was funded by the Robinhood Foundation of $2,500,000.00. INSPIRE – NJ
worked closely with the Governor’s office from 11/12/2012 until June 2018.
The Peoples Pantry is INSPIRE – NJ largest initiative. We continue to provide services to a
struggling community in the way of food and resources. We are currently serving 4000 individuals
a month, of those we serve, 48.9% are over the age of 55 years.
My duties include, but not limited to, facilitating monthly Board of Director meetings, formulating
annual budgets, managing donors, contracts, employees and marketing. Annually I work with our
accountant and Board representative to prepare for our Independent Audit, which includes
updates to Bylaws, policy, procedure and contracts with our community partners. Our most
prominent partners include the Jon BonJovi Foundation and Fulfill (formally the Foodbank of
Monmouth and Ocean County). Together we formed a unique tri-party agreement, using a model
I developed following Sandy, to bring much needed services into Ocean County.

Toms River Regional Schools needed a permanent, structured special education parent group to
remain in State compliance. At the time I was a non-paid advocate where I worked directly with
various school districts and parents to find fair solutions to issues that were fraught with emotion
and fear on the parent side, and the financial burden of the school district. I took on the task of
developing this group as I always believe honest and open communication is the first step in
progress. Through this communication and non-adversarial approach many students flourished,
litigation was stopped, and multiple programs were brought in to the district for these spectacular
youngsters. This group served 2800 students and their families. I was an easy fit for this as I am
the proud parent of a now 25yr old autistic daughter.

MAY 1981
JUNE 1983

 2016 Greater Toms River Chamber of
Commerce Groundbreaking Non-Profit
 2016 State of New Jersey Joint Legislative
Resolution Non-Profit of the Year
 2016 U.S Congressional Recognition and
Proclamation Non-Profit of the Year
 United Way of Ocean County Peter Boyarin
Community Service Award
 The Rotary Club of Central Ocean “Service
Above Self”
 Monmouth County Board of Chosen
Freeholders MODC “Silver Gull” Service Award

 American Legion Community Partner Award
for service to local Veterans.
 Mental Health Association of New Jersey
Certificate of Appreciation for Continued
Support of Those in Need. 2013-2014-2015-
 Township of Toms River” Extra Mile Award”
 Township of Berkeley “Community Service
and Volunteer of the Year” 2014 and 2018
 Jon BonJovi Soul Foundation Community
Partner 2017

Traffic and Safety Committee and Bylaw Review Committee River Pointe HOA
Ocean County COAD (community organizations active in disaster) Co-Chair. Elected by my
Communities That Care – a local initiative in response to the Opioid epidemic bringing
education and resources to help in the prevention of drug abuse starting in Gr.5. Appointed as
key community leader by Rutgers University and RWJ Barnabas.
Ocean HPAC- Committee to bring resources and education for the prevention of homelessness.
Toms River Family Support Coalition – formed through a grant from RWJ/Barnabas. I currently
participate in the sub-committees focusing on food insecurity, shut in senior health and
New Jersey Department of Education EPAC. I was the only non – professional appointed by Gov.
C. Christie to represent the parents of disabled students.
Mayor’s Council for Disability Services Toms River.
Parent Advocate Council Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Family Resource Network – guided parents through the guardianship process for their disabled
adult children pro se. This entire process costs upwards of $12,000.00 and with my help, the
parents were responsible for the cost of filing only.

Mike Moran

Board Treasure
25 years in banking
20 years Textile Recovery Manager

Ron Walulak

Elder at Alive Again Alliance Church
Salesman Textile Recovery